Port Services

Iskenderun Port Services (Hatay/Turkey)


Our facilities are connected to İskenderun-Adana highway, İskenderun-Adana-Gaziantep highway, İskenderun Bay and Mediterranean and railway within the boundaries of İskenderun Sarıseki. It is 13 km from Iskenderun and 110 km from Adana airport and 60 km from Hatay Airport. A total of 100 of our facilities are on the shore and 37 on the seaside. The pier is 812,68 m. is a reinforced concrete and steel pile.

The features of the ship berthing and mooring sections are shown below. There are 6 docking sections (dock) in the basement. 3 and 4 of these docks are docking vessels of small tonnage vessels (cooperative), vessels with middle tonnage of docks 2 and 5 and vessels with large tonnage up to 60.000 DWT with docks 1 and 6. all docking sections are equipped with super M type fenders. In our company, bulk and general cargo loads are provided except scrap. These services continue in our open and closed areas.

Water supply and fire water system are available in the bridge and waste is taken from the ships.


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Yarimca Port Services (Kocaeli/Turkey)


GÜBRETAŞ Service is provided to third parties for the loading and unloading of dry, liquid and general cargo cargoes from the Yarımca Facilities pier.

Yarımca Facilities are located in İzmit Bay, where the most important industrial enterprises of our country are located. It is a port facility established on 400 acres of 40046 ’N and 29043’ E coordinates on the Yarımca site of the Körfez district of Kocaeli.

The facility is 300 m to the D-100 highway and 3 km to the Gulf Highway Boxes. There are 90 thousand tons of bulk storage facilities and 30 thousand m2 temporary storage area in 25 thousand m2 closed area. Ships up to 10.000 thousand DWT can dock. There are two ship berths and the outer pier is 100 m long and 8,50 m; the length of the inner pier is 80 m, while the draft is 5.00 m. The capacity of 1 million tons of cargo handling capacity per year can be reached in port facilities that can be serviced 24 hours a day 24 hours.