Founded in 1952 to increase agricultural productivity in our country, GÜBRETAŞ supports its leadership in the market with its R&D studies that lead the sector. In this way, the quality and reliability of the products offered to our farmers are maintained and new product patterns that increase productivity in agriculture are developed.

GÜBRETAŞ adds value to the agricultural sector through the dissemination of conscious agricultural practices and the use of innovative products in the sector, with studies such as the first soil analysis laboratories established in 1985 and the Turkey Soil Fertility Map Project launched in 2005.

GÜBRETAŞ believes in the importance of using the power of knowledge, technology and innovation to provide new added values to the national economy by increasing productivity in agriculture.

For this purpose, GÜBRETAŞ, which combines its strong corporate knowledge of more than 70 years with an innovative vision approach, continues to take new steps in this field with its R&D and innovation-oriented project studies, which it has focused on in the last few years.




The start of operation of GÜBRETAŞ R&D Center in Yarımca in May 2018 started a new era that concretizes GÜBRETAŞ's work in this field.

As a result of the feasibility studies it focused on in 2017, GÜBRETAŞ applied to the Ministry of Industry and Technology in March 2018 to establish an R&D Center at international standards within the Yarımca Facilities in Kocaeli. Following the examinations and inspections, the Ministry of Industry and Technology accepted and approved GÜBRETAŞ's R&D Center application in May 2018. Thus, GÜBRETAŞ brought to our country an R&D Center operating in the field of agriculture, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.



Turkey Soil Fertility Map Project, launched by GÜBRETAŞ in 2005, constitutes an important data source for the agricultural sector.

As part of the project, soil samples were taken from more than 16 thousand agricultural lands from 81 provinces as of 2020.

Macro and micro nutrients and soil properties are determined with soil samples analyzed in GÜBRETAŞ laboratories. The data obtained from the analysis results are transferred to the digital environment together with their coordinates.

In addition, "plant nutrition recipes" are created according to the analysis results and consultancy services are offered to producers. During the project (as of 2020), more than 50 thousand farmers were given practical soil sampling and conscious nutrition training in the field.

In addition, "plant and region specific fertilizers" were developed based on the data in the project. High productivity in agriculture was contributed to 13 types of plant-specific fertilizers for the main agricultural products in our country.



A comprehensive R&D project* of GÜBRETAŞ was accepted to the R&D Support Program carried out by the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (TAGEM) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in June 2018.

This project, which aims to reduce the nitrogen and yield losses that occur during the use of nitrogenous fertilizers, which are widely used in our country, in agriculture and can change the usage habits in the sector, also aims to reduce the impact of drought risks due to climate changes on agriculture.

In this way, it is aimed to provide significant savings in the agricultural sector.


For the project, trial plantings are being carried out for 5 basic agricultural products (wheat, corn, sunflower, cotton and sugar beet) in areas created in 8 different provinces of Turkey, and new methods of planting are being tried.

Within the scope of the project, new liquid fertilizers are produced in GÜBRETAŞ's production facility in Izmir. The first of the liquid fertilizers found successful in the project was introduced to the market in 2022 under the name Polifos-N. In addition, agricultural equipment to be used in the application of this liquid fertilizer has been developed by project partner companies and commercial production will begin.

In this comprehensive project, which lasted 3 years between 2018-2021, cooperation was made with GÜBRETAŞ, 2 universities, 7 agricultural research institutes and 2 agricultural mechanization companies from the private sector.

* The full name of the project is "Producing Liquid Chemical Fertilizers Suitable for Plants Grown in Wet and Dry Conditions, Comparing Their Effectiveness with Traditional Solid Chemical Fertilizers, and Developing Suitable Machines for the Use of Liquid Fertilizers".



GÜBRETAŞ, which sets an important example of university-public-private sector cooperation with its TAGEM-supported project, which is one of the first steps of the R&D Center, expands its activities in this field with different academic collaborations.

Within the framework of the cooperation protocol signed with Gebze Technical University (GTÜ) in March 2019, continue with the aim of developing studies new fertilizer types, carrying out joint projects and academic training.

The R&D Greenhouse, which we completed jointly with GTÜ in a short period of three months within the scope of the signed protocol, was put into service for the industry and science in October 2020.

Within the scope of the cooperation protocol signed with Yıldız Technical University in 2020, our application for the TÜBİTAK TEYDEB 1505 Project has been approved. Within the scope of the project, studies are carried out to develop a new generation of fertilizer containing boron.

In addition, an R&D cooperation protocol was signed with Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University in 2020. Negotiations continue with various universities to realize different project partnerships within the scope of industry-academia cooperation.



It is planned that the Microbiology Laboratory, established within the GÜBRETAŞ R&D Center and commissioned on the 69th anniversary of our company, will lead the R&D activities in the sector. GÜBRETAŞ Microbiology Laboratory aims to develop new microbial fertilizers.

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