GÜBRETAŞ, with its corporate experience of more than 70 years; addresses sustainability end-to-end with an approach that is sensitive to the environment and society, focused on efficiency and continuous development; It adds value to society and the land with the power it derives from these lands.

Founded in 1952 with the aim of increasing efficiency in agricultural production, GÜBRETAŞ continues to guide farmers with its products and services, transforming its earnings into the benefit of agriculture and society, acting with a sense of responsibility towards future generations and carrying out its activities with an approach that is sensitive to the environment and people.

Sustainability is addressed as part of its founding mission; It is at the center of the company's decision-making mechanisms and production processes. In addition to financial and operational sustainability, issues such as sustainability of agricultural production, environmental, social and corporate sustainability, operational excellence and digital transformation and sustainability in production activities have an important place in GÜBRETAŞ's sustainability approach.


Sustainability in Agricultural Production


Sustainable agriculture is of great importance in order to prevent a food crisis that may arise in the future with the effects of climate change being more felt on a global scale and other triggering factors such as pandemics.

In line with its visionary goals, the services provided by GÜBRETAŞ to popularize sustainable and conscious agriculture include land prescription, producer advice line, mobile message line and mobile application.

Producers receive these services for conscious agricultural practices under the consultancy of GÜBRETAŞ's expert agricultural engineers.

Within the scope of agricultural sustainability, GÜBRETAŞ's Turkey Soil Fertility project contributed to the creation of a large data pool in determining the soil fertility map of Turkey by recording soil values. Within the scope of the project, more than 16 thousand soil analyzes were carried out and more than 50 thousand farmers benefited from soil analysis training.


The Model Production Areas project, which aims to benefit the soil and farmers through the most accurate and effective use of plant nutrition products, is an exemplary project for the dissemination of sustainable agricultural practices on a micro scale. The Model Production Areas project guides efficient and high-quality crop harvesting through conscious plant nutrition practices and optimum fertilizer consumption.

R&D activities, one of the most important steps for sustainable agriculture, have also gained momentum in recent years. In addition to the work carried out in the R&D Greenhouse established by GÜBRETAŞ at Gebze Technical University, new generation plant nutrition products that will contribute to sustainable agriculture are also developed in the Microbiology Laboratory within the GÜBRETAŞ R&D Center.

From End to End
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