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Fertilizer Factories Turkish Joint Stock Company (GÜBRETAŞ)

Fertilizer Factories Turkish Joint Stock Company (GÜBRETAŞ) was established by the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 6 November 1952, based on the idea that Turkish farmers could obtain high-efficiency and quality products by using chemical fertilizers, and under the leadership of Ziraat Bank, Agricultural Equipment Institution, Sugar Factories, Sümerbank, Etibank, Machinery and Chemical Industry and It was established in partnership with Fertilizer Corporation of America AG.

The company started production in 1954 with its facilities in Iskenderun, Turkey's first chemical fertilizer factory. GÜBRETAŞ, which produced Turkey's first phosphorus and compound fertilizer and established the first soil analysis laboratories, was also among the first companies to be offered to the public on the Stock Exchange on January 3, 1986, when the ISE started its operations. In 1993, the Central Union of Turkish Tarım Kredi Kooperatifleri purchased all of GÜBRETAŞ shares in Ziraat Bank.

GÜBRETAŞ has 8 regional directorates throughout Turkey, 5 production facilities, 5 logistics centers, 4 Laboratories, 1 R&D Center, 2 ports, Yarımca and İskenderun, and provides plant nutrition to producers in every region of Turkey where agricultural production is made, with over 2,500 sales points. While supplying products, it has succeeded in becoming one of the largest industrial organizations in Turkey by acting with the principle of "continuous change".

Gübretaş has a total real estate asset of 445,470 m2, consisting of facilities, warehouses and administrative buildings, of which 164,772 m2 is closed area. Gübretaş has a total production capacity of 900 thousand tons/year, including 800 thousand tons/year chemical fertilizer capacity in Yarımca Facilities and 100,000 tons/year liquid and powder fertilizer capacity in İzmir Facilities. The total capacity of Gübretaş's warehouses is 450,000 tons.

GÜBRETAŞ made a major overseas investment in 2008 on the way to becoming a global brand, and the consortium it led acquired Razi Petrochemical Co., the largest petrochemical facilities in Iran. This initiative, Turkey's largest overseas industrial investment, was the first step of the goal of making GÜBRETAŞ a global company in its sector.

The agricultural pesticide factory, which was purchased in Manisa in 2007, started its operations in 2009 as TARKİM Plant Protection Inc. with the strategic partnership of Tarım Kredi Kooperatifleri in order to produce and trade plant protection products and became one of the companies in which GÜBRETAŞ participates. In 2020, the official establishment procedures of Gübretaş Maden Yatırımları AŞ were completed in order to engage in mining activities nationally and internationally.

GÜBRETAŞ's shares, traded under the GUBRF code in Borsa Istanbul, are also included in the BIST-30 index as of October 1, 2020. It has been included in the BIST Participation Index, which consists of companies with a structure compatible with participation finance principles, as of October 2022. GÜBRETAŞ takes its place among the major producers in our country's future vision , with its subsidiary companies as well as the facility investments it has made, thanks to its strong synergy with its main shareholder Tarım Kredi Kooperatifleri, nourished by its deep-rooted experience of over 70 years.

GÜBRETAŞ is an Tarım Kredi Group Company.

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