EGP (Effective Fertilization Programs), developed by GÜBRETAŞ with its nearly 70 years of experience in the field of plant nutrition, is a mobile application that allows producers to access fertilizer use time, method and dosage information for more than 50 plants wherever and whenever they want

The application also includes features such as a video gallery about agricultural production, location-based weather forecast, plant nutrition program for hobby farming, and instant notifications for registered users. The “Ask the Expert” feature offered in the EGP application provides producers with the opportunity to instantly access GÜBRETAŞ expert agricultural engineers and send instant messages and photos.

In addition to the EGP mobile application, our producers are also supported by the Producer Advisory Line and Whatsapp Advisory Line, which provide online call center services on agricultural consultancy issues. Producers can ask their questions in the field of plant nutrition to our expert agricultural engineers and get answers by calling 0850 811 50 50 or by sending a message via the Whatsapp Hotline at 0532 135 72 72.

Thanks to the help lines, producers can access instant consultancy service wherever they are, from their field or garden, and all questions and problems related to agricultural production are solved by receiving information and advice from our expert agricultural engineers.




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