Solid Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers have an important place among the inputs required to obtain abundant and quality products in agricultural production. Medicine, seeds, fertilizer, machinery, etc. Considering the effects of agricultural inputs such as; It has been found that fertilizer alone increases crop yield by up to 50-70%. With balanced and regular fertilization:


  • Higher efficiency is obtained from unit area,
  • The quality of the products is increased,
  • Continuity of productivity in the soil is ensured and profits are made permanent,
  • A better growth environment is created for plants,
  • Nutrients removed from the soil in various ways are returned to the soil.


GÜBRETAŞ produces plant-specific fertilizer, taking into account the economic conditions of our farmers, the demands of the plant species they grow and the soil structure. GÜBRETAŞ has so far offered special fertilizers to our farmers for plants that are important in the country's economy, such as corn, sunflower, cereals, sugar beet, citrus, tobacco, paddy, cotton and tea.

In order to grow high-yield and quality products, attention should be paid to the amount, time and application method of fertilization, as well as the correct selection of the fertilizer needed by the plant and soil. For balanced and regular fertilization, soil and leaf analyzes must be performed.

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