Plant Nutrition Group

The plant nutrition group consists of products in powder, crystal and liquid forms containing essential nutrients and trace elements, single or as a mixture. Additionally, this group includes biostimulants, products containing humic-fulvic acid, sulfur, plant growth regulators and auxiliary products used in plant nutrition.

If plants showing growth and development retardation because they cannot benefit sufficiently from the nutrients in the soil under abiotic (drought, excessive rainfall, deterioration in soil structure, etc.) and biotic adverse conditions, the plant's nutritional deficit can be closed by intervening with foliar feeding

Our plant nutrition group products can be applied through soil, drip irrigation and foliar application using all kinds of application tools and methods. Our products are 100% soluble in water. In accordance with Gübretaş's high quality understanding; It does not use raw materials containing heavy metals (chlorine, sodium, etc.) in production. All raw materials are analyzed in our internationally accredited laboratories and only those with suitable qualities are used.

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