Organic and Hobby Farming Fertilizers


Organic agriculture is a form of agricultural production that is carried out using controlled and certified products at every stage from production to consumption, using inputs allowed by the regulation in all stages of plant production, from the cultivation of the product from seed to harvest, processing , packaging, labeling, preservation, storage, transportation and until the product reaches the consumer. .

The purpose of organic agriculture; It protects the environment, plant, human and animal health without polluting soil, water resources and air.

We add value to organic agriculture with our certified products and offer quality products to our producers.

Our trace element fertilizers and liquid-powder fertilizers are 100% soluble in water and do not form any precipitation or residue, all of them turn into a form useful for the plant.

We can use the organic compound made by mineral plant food with an organic ligand as input for organic agriculture. It gives effective results in a short time with a small dose of the plant.

Since our Potassium, Magnesium and Sulfur fertilizers are obtained from natural sources, they can be used as inputs in organic agriculture.

Today, it is not possible to feed the world population with organic agriculture. Organic production method is not an alternative to conventional agriculture, but a complement. Organic farming aims for superior quality, not high efficiency. All national and international standards regarding organic agriculture require the control and certification of all stages of the product, from land to shelf.

Our country has very favorable conditions and great potential in terms of organic production. Biodiversity, disease-resistant species, intact environmental balance in many areas and a suitable ecological environment exist in our country.

Those who are bored of city life and missing being in a natural environment always have the idea of having a hobby garden. Different types of plants, summer and winter vegetables, fruit trees, and grains such as corn can be grown in the hobby garden.


In order to harvest quality products from hobby gardens, care should be taken in plant nutrition.

We can basically feed our plants in three different ways.


  • With drip irrigation
  • It is nutrition from soil and leaves.
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