Organic Farming Fertilizers and Hobby Farming


Organic agriculture is a form of agricultural production where only legally allowed, controlled and certified inputs and products are used in every stage from production to consumption, including seed selection, growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, labelling, storage, handling, transportation and delivery to the end-consumer.

Organic agriculture aims at protecting the health of environment, plants, human and animals without contamination of the soil and water resources and air.

With our certified products, we contribute value in organic agriculture and offering our producers the opportunity to produce top-quality yield.  Our trace element fertilizers, liquid-powder fertilizers are 100% water-soluble, which never leads to remnants and sedimentations, fully transforms into a beneficial form for plant.  We can use the organic compound formed by mineral plant nutrients with an organic ligand as an input to the organic agriculture.  It produces effective results in small doses in a short time.

Our Potassium, Magnesium and Sulfur added fertilizers can be used as an input in organic agriculture as they are naturally derived.

Today, it is not possible to feed whole world’s population via organic agriculture.  Organic production is not an alternative but complementary to the conventional agriculture.  Organic agriculture targets at superior quality instead of high yield.  Entire national and international standards applicable to the Organic Agriculture mandates the inspection and certification of all stages from the land up to the store shelf.

Our country has very fertile conditions and high potential in terms of organic agriculture.  It has biological diversity, disease-resistant species, and an ecological environment with unspoiled environmental balance in many areas.

Anyone who get bored of the urban life, and want to escape to the nature has always the idea of having a leisure garden in their minds.   In the leisure garden, you can grow plants from different species, winter or summer vegetables, fruit trees and crops such as maze.


You must exercise care about essential plant nutrients in order to harvest top-quality product from leisure gardens.

We can mainly give essential nutrients to our plants using 3 different methods.

These are:

  • Drip-irrigation
  • Through soil
  • Through leaf