Corporate Social Responsibility

GÜBRETAŞ is committed:

  •    To respect and deep understanding of humans nature and core values
  •    To be responsible towards the society and environment
  •    To encourage the athmosphere of free speech,
  •    To provide equality, transparency, accountability and responsiblity in management
  •    To merge high moral values with the corporate identity
  •    To serve without discrimination regardless of religion, language, ethnicity and gender

In order to fulfill its responsibilities towards the society Gübre Fabrikaları provides and supports social projects.

Gübre Fabrikaları runs an important project in recent years for the Turkish agriculture sector. The project that aims to draw the soil fertility map of Turkey where all the idea, finance, human resource and implementation of the project is undertaken by Gübre Fabrikaları. Within scope of the project that started in 2006 and planned to finish in 2011, soil samples are taken from various parts of Turkey to be tested in the Gübre Fabrikaları laboratories. The results of analysis shall reveal the fertility rate of the soil in terms of macro and micro nutritive elements. For this purpose, soil samples are taken from 10,000 different locations around Turkey. When the project completed, data will be merged in digital environment with the similar works made by the Ministry of Agriculture and Universities in order to create a database for Turkey’s soil fertility. The data will then be studied in order to conscious use of fertilizers, to produce specially designed fertilizers for specific plants and to use infertile lands in agriculture again.

Within scope of the project, expert agricultural engineers of GÜBRETAŞ advises the farmers about the appropriate use of fertilizers from whose field samples are taken.

Another important project that GÜBRETAŞ involved is the “Conscious Farmer Education Program” that aimed to help Turkish farmers to produce crops with better quality and high fertility. During the education program, organized together with the Turkey’s largest farmers association ‘Agricultural Credit Cooperatives’, farmers are given seminars about fertilizers and their use, soil analysis, plant growth techniques etc. Since they are deployed in the agricultural production areas as personnel of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, GÜBRETAŞ organize programs for agricultural engineers those who are in close contact with farmers.

GÜBRETAŞ’ support for the education is not limited to agricultural sector. In order to contribute to an Education Campain that has started in 1970, GÜBRETAŞ sponsored construction of a school in Iskenderun and handover to the Education Ministry of Turkey. Starting from the year 2007, Gübre Fabrikaları has started to extend financial assistance to students of Agricultural Faculties by giving scholarship. GÜBRETAŞ sponsored and gave scholarship more than 300 students so far.

Since 2007, GÜBRETAŞ also provides financial support to forestation works in the areas where the risk of drought is high.